Traggorth Companies LLC (TCLLC) provides high-quality real estate advisory services for residential, commercial, and mixed use ventures.

Clients for real estate advisory services include property owners seeking to improve underutilized real estate assets, developers who find it more efficient to contract with TCLLC than to hire in-house staff, investment groups looking for highly skilled representation in the evaluation and execution of real estate transactions, and government agencies seeking expertise to negotiate developer agreements and monitor progress of high-priority large real estate ventures. Dave Traggorth formed TCLLC in January 2012 and has over ten years experience in real estate development in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. Overall TCLLC provides thoughtful, cost-efficient solutions for real estate development challenges.

Areas of Expertise


Article 80 (City of Boston)
Special Permits
Zoning Board of Appeals
Historic Commission



Master Planning
Schematic and Design Development
Value Engineering