Flats 44 Update

 We're now building in two locations simultaneously; full-time: in the factory (in what equates to a large airplane hangar) and on site in Chelsea. Over 100 carpenters, plumbers, painters, and electricians are buildings walls, hanging drywall, insulating, placing tile, hanging cabinets, and much, much more, and they're on schedule to be completed and shipped in the beginning of November.

Meanwhile, on the site we're wrapping up concrete, placing steel, fine grading, and prepping for the big delivery. Photos are below! 

We expect that in the second week of November the individual boxes will arrive on site and be craned into place. In addition to all the building activity, we're ramping up marketing and will soon launch our new logos, with a website to follow shortly after that. Stay tuned...

For more information about the project or general questions, contact  e-mail Dave or feel free to call us at 617-542-6500.