Dave on Panel at NAIOP: The Next Wave of Condos

Today Dave spoke on a panel of experts about the rise in the condominium market here in Boston and specifically the challenge in developing affordable and workforce for-sale housing. There was a crowd of more than 300 gathered for the breakfast panel and Dave was joined by Nick Iselin of Lend Lease, David Nagahiro of CBT Architects, and Jordan Warshaw of The Noannet Group, LLC

Issues Dave discussed pertaining to workforce housing included:

  • Are the 'amenity wars' really good for producing cost-efficient housing? Why are we not encouraging residents to get out into the neighborhood and support existing or potential fitness, coffee shops, yoga studios, and more? Amenities drive up the cost of production and condominium fees. 
  • Shared parking should be a priority. The cost of producing parking in every new building is extremely expensive in many cases.
  • State disposition of land targeted to housing and coordination with DHCD will be important.
  • The permitting process is long and arduous - anything that can deliver units faster will reduce costs and help increase production for all types of housing
  • Increasing and adjusting resources that promote mixed-income housing 

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