"My Space is Small, My Life is Big"

If you caught the NY Times Sunday Review, you might have read this opinion piece by Graham Hill which, I think sheds a lot of light on the mindset of a certain demographic driving the micro unit building boom. 

Graham, a successful serial entrepreneur, talks about going from a 3,600 SF single family home with lots of gadgets, cars, and roommates to a 420 SF studio with much less. As he writes "I live smaller and travel lighter. I have more time and money".

While seeming to encapsulate the psychology of the living smaller phenomenon, it left me wondering how many Grahams are there out there and what happens if/when the next life change occurs (kids? marriage?). Does the 420 SF studio, exotic travel schedule, and lack of stuff still work? What type of living, geography, and environment meets the needs of the next stage of life of the micro-unit dwellers?