Announcement from Traggorth Companies

We’re excited to announce the formal transition on April 1, 2013 of Dave Traggorth, Dan Hubbard, Mika Fontaine and Carol Burt from Mitchell Properties to Traggorth Companies (TC) and also to announce the addition of Tanya Hahnel as a new member of our team.  

As Mitchell Properties (MP) we’ve collaborated with many of you as consultants and as developer to advance transformational projects that provide our communities with high-quality mixed-income rental and for-sale housing, retail spaces filled with local restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, and sustainably restored and reused historic properties.

As Traggorth Companies, we will build on MP’s strong legacy by continuing our current consulting and development work and collaborating with you and others in new ways where our vision, experience, and strengths can make the most positive impact. We will also continue to provide project management and asset management services to the existing MP portfolio.  

Tanya Hahnel joins TC after spending seven years working for a consortium of 8 cities and towns north of Boston to underwrite, finance, and manage their HOME-funded housing portfolio. Tanya has a wealth of experience including financing affordable and mixed-income housing, landmark preservation, direct development of artist live/work spaces, and supportive service housing. At TC, she will be part of our project management and asset management teams.

If you have any questions about our transition, please don't hesitate to contact us at 617-542-6500.